Tarot Card Reading in Mumbai

Tarot Card Reading

Tarot cards are the mirror of your Soul. Based on your present thinking patterns, you create your future outcome. Tarot card learning brings to your awareness your thinking patterns and the probable future that it could create. One can change the patterns that cause troubles and can bring changed future to a happy and prosperous one. We give the guidance to bring insights for you into making right choices and opening up new horizon for relationships, career, finances and personal and spiritual growth.

Angel Card Reading in Mumbai

Angel Card Reading

An Angel Reading provides you with guidance and direction for your life. It can also give you an insight to your future, based on the path that you are currently following. An Angel Reading may also involve a healing session where the archangels are called in to heal any pain or other physical problems that you may be experiencing. An Angel Reading will give you clarity and guidance for every aspect of your life. An Angel Reading can leave you feeling happier, more peaceful and confident. Angel Readings and Guidance Sessions are ways to connect to your angels and receive loving guidance and support. Card readings allow only positive energy into your life. Receiving positive input from our angels has nothing to do with being good or bad, right or wrong. Our angels are clear messengers more then willing to give us positive communication and direction to make our path lighter and more joyful. Our angels look past our surface personality and human mistakes to see us as perfect children on the palm. It is also termed as Chiromancy.

Angel Therapy in Mumbai

Angel Therapy

Visible throughout time, angels have made their presence felt across all cultures as heralds, guardians and protectors. As this century progresses more and more people are feeling their presence and benefitting from their guidance.
Each of us is assigned angels at our birth. They stay with us through our lifetime and their purpose is to guide us through the labyrinth of life. Made of pure energy, their moving force is love and they give this to us unconditionally.

Messengers of God, they provide a link between us and the Divine, helping us access the spark of divinity within us. They are here to remind us of our soul’s purpose as well and they communicate to us in a variety of ways.
Often, due to our preoccupation with our problems or our doubts about our worthiness, we are unable to hear them or feel their presence. Through channelling and with the help of Angel Cards we tap into their graceful energy and interpret the messages they have for you.

Come, speak to them and let their grace and wisdom make a positive difference to your life.

Wicca Magic


Wicca is a very peaceful, harmonious and balanced way of thinking and life which promotes oneness with the divine and all which exists. Wicca is a belief system and way of life based upon the reconstruction. Wicca is a religion with strong moral code, promises peace and harmony with the universe and offers its followers the ability to tap into a supernatural source of power to be used for the benefit of mankind. It is a nature based religion and wiccans believe that they are tapping into an energy source that is naturally occurring in the world around us, and merely needs to be channeled in the right direction.

Wiccans practicing White magic, which is good as opposed to Black magic which is evil. Wiccans do have an extremely clear ethical and moral system with very distinct boundaries, despite certain Christian clergy claims to the contrary. We believe that the determination of what is right and wrong is made by the Goddess and the God and communicated clearly to us through personal contact with the divine. Ethical responsibility is a very important part of our religion.

Candle Magic in Mumbai

Candles Magick

Candle Magic is a simple means of magic art and it can produce results without the use of complex and sophisticated language or equipment. Anyone can use candle magic and you do not have to hold any particular beliefs to practice this ancient art. In candle magic you use your will power and the power of your mind to create that all you desire.

These are not ordinary Candles but specially prepared with mediations to manifest your needs. You need to burn the required candle and pray:

  • Healing Candles
  • Money Candles
  • Wish Candles
  • Luck Candles
  • Love Candles
  • Controlling Candles
  • Charm Candles
  • Attraction Candles
  • Binding Candles
  • Banishing Negativity
  • Road Opener Candles
  • Blockage Removal Candles
  • Beauty Candles
  • Weight Loss Candles
  • Customized Candles
  • Recovery from Sickness
  • Protection Candles
  • Anti Black Magic Candles
  • Removing a Hex/Evil Spell/Bad Omen
  • Reversing a Spell Candles

Angel Board Reading

Angel Board Reading

Angel Board Reading is a method of tuning in and connecting with the angelic realm to get proper guidance and messages from Guardian Angels and other archangels. This involves few meditation techniques with you will connect to the angelic realm and can then communicate with the angels either through Angel Reading Boards or Directly. (There is no Initiation process in this.)

By connecting with angels, guardian angels and archangels, an Angel Board Reader can offer messages of guidance to his or her clients, as well as help them open up and clearly receive what is known as "Divine Guidance" from both angels and God.

Communing with angels on a regular basis can help in all kinds of ways, from the simplest request of finding a parking space, to seeking clarification about life purposes. It also brings comfort, knowing that the angels are always there, offering their wisdom and protection. It helps to bring messages directly from angels and spirit beings.

This is a one day workshop where you will be able to connect to your Guardian Angels and also to other Arch Angels and also all the blocks that you have in connecting and communicating with Angelic Realm will be cleared. This would help the participant to have a better communication channel opening up with Angelic Realm.

white spell casting in mumbai

Spell Casting

People misunderstand the concept of magic and are trapped in superstitious beliefs that Magic is in fact used to harm while we forget Magic is all around us and within us. If used with unharmed intentions and done for good reasons we can create plenty of prospects and good fortune with magic and achieve our desires by having Faith and strong will power all along.

Magic just does not work the way that people of today want it to. Magic has its limitations and its uses. It is not here to solve every aspect of life's problems and challenges and it is not a replacement for facing and accepting your responsibilities. Magic has its place and the results do not come without hard work and extreme dedication to your respected traditions. The results of Magic are also not going to just present themselves to you [in] an extremely visual manner.

Magic (by whatever definition) requires dedication, concentration, and belief. Moreover, a religious ritual will accomplish nothing if it means nothing to those performing it. It is not the gestures or the words that make magic effective, but the power and the will within us that these things help to evoke.

Kavita Pandit with her farthest faith in the Supreme power, Higher Energies and The Archangels designs are own spells according to the clients requirement and casts them with high and best intention for the client.

crystal therapy in mumbai

Crystal Therapy

Since the beginning of time, crystals have proved to be of great value to mankind. Crystals are used to increase wealth, longetivity, relationships, and for power & popularity. They have curative powers as well as the power to pour in fortune & drive away evil. Certain crystals have the power of healing & fortune giving & have made life happier for many people.

Crystals can help with relaxation, self growth, stress reduction, increased self confidence, heightened awareness & self-awareness, increased spirituality, & restore balance to mind, body & spirit. Crystals also assist the body in shattering & throwing off that which is causing infection or disease. The energies from crystals react from our aura of energy, energy in the area (office, home and vehicle) & make the balance of energies. They create strong energy fields, which enable us to be charged with their energies; they activate our abilities, soothe & comfort, heal & balance through the purity & directness of their beams.

Ouija Board Reading

Ouija Board Reading

The Ouija board is also known as a spirit board or talking board, is a flat board marked with the letters of the alphabet, the numbers 0-9, the words "yes", "no", "hello" (occasionally), and "goodbye", along with various symbols and graphics. Ouija boards have been the source of inspiration for literary works, used as guidance in writing, or as a form of channeling literary works.

Candle Gazing Meditation

Candle Gazing

This meditation guides you as you gaze at a candle flame. It is a well known form of meditation. If there is a particular quality that you would like to enhance in yourself such as your intuition, then you could choose a green coloured candle to open your insightfulness.

Colour has a great influence on us; helping to balance and align us to the Universal Life Force. Below is a range of colours, and their attributes. Consider also bringing colours, that could enhance your well being into your clothing, and dwelling.

Understand your mind power

Mind Power

'Mind' a powerful medium to perform any thing in this universe. Mind if moves positively then makes a person god and if moves towards negative direction can make a person demon or monster. Every spiritual practice shows a path to control the mind.
Mind is so fickle that within a second it can travels from so many places.
The person who is able to control the mind is called 'Yogi'. The scholars or spiritual practioner devote their whole life in learning the ways to control the mind.
If any one is able to control the mind then he or she can do the impossible things possible. Mind has tremendous power to create and destroy the universe.

If one can understand own mind then every ones' mind is open for that person. So if you want success in any field then it is very necessary to control the mind. In bhagwat geeta a great epic also shows the importance of controlling the mind. Lord krishna says to arjun that this mind is very difficult to control, it's nature is fickling and by meditation it is possible to control the mind only.

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